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Your Simple Plan To Reverse Diabetes Now

Do you have diabetes? Are you developing insulin resistance and on your way there?

If your one of over 3 ½  million Australians with diabetes or pre diabetes its no longer a matter of waiting and only being able to slow the inevitable damage and complications of your disease.

There is a totally new approach for controlling and reversing diabetes.

Let me explain.

You see you no longer simply have to live with it. Diabetes can be reversed.

You can take control again and regain your health and vigour. You can get your life back. 

Through understanding and correcting the cause of your diabetes you can get remission from your symptoms.

You can reverse years of symptoms, weight gain, fatigue, high cholesterol, rising blood sugar, loss of libido and increasing risk of future complications. And you can become free of daily medications and restrictive diets.

We can show you how to reverse diabetes and improve your health dramatically.

How to cut your blood sugar levels, increase your insulin sensitivity and reduce or eliminate your medications through focusing on nutrition with a fundamental re think in your diet.

This can happen within as short as twelve weeks.

You do not have to cut calories, have small meals or limit your carb intake. You will be able to eat as much as you want and to eat between meals through focusing on the type of food you are eating.

Benefits of this approach include weight loss, lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure and increased energy.

With recent research this is the most powerful nutritional plan ever devised for diabetes.

You’re no longer attempting to compensate for malfunctioning insulin. Instead you are helping your body’s insulin to work properly again by increasing your cells insulin sensitivity.

The standard recommended diet for diabetes are the guidelines of the American Diabetes Association (ADA).

This diet is followed by millions of people and has been found difficult to stick too. Most have the experience of their diabetes worsening over time. Traditional diabetes diets with their exchange lists and constant vigilance are hard to sustain and results can vary dramatically from person to person.

Most don’t follow them and improvements that have happened have not been significant.

Generally diabetes treatment ends up being reduced to prescriptions and nutrition is neglected. It becomes about “managing” the disease and its complications rather than remission.

The marketing of pharmaceutical drugs has been so successful that diet has been overlooked.

This new approach has been found, when compared to the ADA guidelines, to be three times more effective in controlling blood sugar, to have a much more rapid weigh loss and control of cholesterol, to provide a healthy drop in blood pressure and heart benefits.

This diet approach is completely different, much easier, more effective and more up to date.

  • Regardless of whether you like to cook you can easily make the dietary changes and integrate them into you’re highly pressured work and life.
  • You can experience dramatic improvements without exercise. Exercise can be introduced later.

This is not a diet, its not about how much you eat. Its about what you eat. You can have as much as you want and you can snack.

You will learn a new way of thinking about food.

After years of research much of what was thought to be understood about diabetes has been turned upside down. The focus is now on its causes and this gives you a unique power to change it.

You can use changes in your diet to influence your body’s insulin sensitivity directly.

Diabetes is a disease of affluence.

Traditionally in Asia diabetes was rare, often below one percent of the population yet it has risen dramatically as they have switched to our diet and lifestyles. However the traditional Asian diet, with their very low diabetes rates, was nothing remotely like the traditional ADA diabetes diet that we are taught.

But this is not about suddenly switching and eating Asian food.

The key is that carbs don’t cause diabetes. The problem is how your body processes them.

With the dietary approach we will guide you through over 12 weeks people have seen their blood sugar drop 30%, have lost on average half a kilo a week long term and seen their cells sensitivity to insulin increase close to 25%.

It is possible for you to control your blood sugar, repair your insulin function, regain your energy and minimise your medications within weeks.

The program is about changes that will last. It’s about reversing long term trends.

With this new way of eating long term weight loss averages half a kilo a week (and it’s not a diet). The weight loss continues on and on.

You will find it easy to control your cholesterol without medications.

One study done recently shows the power of this diet for reversing symptoms. The 21 people who participated each had painful neuropathy when they started. Within two weeks 17 had complete cessation of symptoms and the other four experienced very noticeable improvements. Others have had noticeable improvement in eye conditions and decreased loss of protein through their kidneys.

As you know, with diabetes glucose testing shows you how you are doing at the time of the test. The best way to show you how you are going long term is a haemoglobin A1c test (HbA1c). It is the main way to track your progress in controlling diabetes.

As a diabetic with this test you want a reading of 6.5% or lower as this lowers your risk of complications. The higher your HbA1c reading the greater your risk of circulatory problems. Studies have shown that keeping your HbA1c reading low is especially important for preventing nerve damage and for the health of your eyes and kidneys.

Studies also show that with your heart a 1% increase in your HbA1c reading increases your risk of heart problems by 20% over the next ten years. A 2% increase in HbA1c increases your risk of heart problems by 40%

Oral diabetes medications on average lower your Hb1Ac reading by 1 percentage point. With this new diet program people with high HbA1c dropped on average 3 or 4 percent and as they continued to lose weight their HbA1c reading dropped even further.

This new program is about tackling the fundamental causes of your diabetes and reversing them.

Helping you week by week see your insulin sensitivity increase while witnessing your weight coming down, your blood glucose coming down, your medications coming down, reversing heart disease and getting remission from your symptoms.

There’s no need to continue experiencing your restrictive diet and symptoms for one more day.

Take control of your diabetes and health right now

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